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Leather Belts | Fetish Belts
These leather belts have a changeable buckle feature, that is almost every belt featured on this website have the buckle attached to the belt by metal snaps which can be opened easily allowing any kind of metal buckle to be placed instead of the standard one. All of Kookie's leather belts come in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Size small fits 28-30 inch , medium 32-34, large 36-38 and extra large fits waist 40-42 inch waist

Pyramid Studs Belt - One row
Code: 5001

Pyramid Studs Belt - Two Rows
Code: 5002

Pyramid Studs Belt - Three Rows
Code: 5003

3 Row Studded Pink Belt SALE
Code: 5003Pink

Rings And Rings Belt
Code: 5006

Bondage Belt
Code: 5007

1.25 Inch Wide Belt
Code: 5009

Plain Leather Belt
Code: 5010

Long Bar Belt
Code: 5013

Three Spots Belt
Code: 5015

Chain Studs Belt
Code: 5018

Small And Large Hexagon Studs Belt
Code: 5019

Skull Studs Belt
Code: 5023

Cone Studs Belt - Two Rows SALE
Code: 5026

Four Rings Belt
Code: 5027

Round And Pyramid Studded Belt
Code: 5028

Rings And Skulls Belt
Code: 5029

Large Hexagon Studded Belt
Code: 5031

Long Pyramid Studded Belt
Code: 5032

Hexagon Studded Belt - Wide
Code: 5033

Wide Belt With Eyelets
Code: 5034

Belt With Round Studs And Eyelets
Code: 5035

Hexagon Studs/Eyelet Belt
Code: 5036

Pyramid Studded Belt With Eyelets
Code: 5037

Chain Spots Belt
Code: 5038

Diamond Studded Belt
Code: 5039

Flat Studded Belt
Code: 5040

Round And Pyramid Studded Belt
Code: 5041

Single Row Hexagon Studded Belt
Code: 5042

Two Row Diamond Studded Belt
Code: 5043

Two Row Hexagon Studded Belt
Code: 5044

Single Row Chain Studs Belt
Code: 5045

Two Row Small Hexagon Studs Belt
Code: 5046

3 Row Small Hexagon Studded Belt
Code: 5047

Oblong Holes Belt
Code: 5048

Four Links Leather Belt
Code: 5049

1.25 Inch Wide Studded Belt
Code: 5051

Round And Pyramid Studded Belt
Code: 5052

Small And Large Studs Belt
Code: 5053

Uniquely Studded Belt
Code: 5054

Double Row Chain Studded Belt
Code: 5055

English Cone Studded Belt
Code: 5056

Iron Cross Studded Belt
Code: 5058

Skull - Cross Bones Studded Belt
Code: 5059

White Stitched And Eyelets Belt
Code: 5060

Pyramid And Wide Studded Belt
Code: 5061

Three Rows Of Mixed Studs
Code: 5063

Skull And Rivet Belt SALE
Code: 5065

Black Leather Belt With Black Studs
Code: 5003_All_Black

Black/Red Leather Bondage Belt
Code: 5067

Leather Belt With Metal Plates
Code: 5068

Tie Ring Bondage Belt
Code: 5050

Pink Leather 2 Row Studded Belt
Code: 5002Pink

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