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For a little while, we have been noticing that hundreds and hundreds of our images and text as well has been appearing on, and many overseas websites, especially from Pakistan. We want to remind our valued customers that we DO NOT manufacture or source our top of the line Bondage Gear and Fetish Accessories from these shadowy companies overseas. 95% of our products are Handmade IN USA and some of our clothing comes from our own unit in India. All the clothing that is manufactured there has a tag with Made in India on it.

We receive emails from companies overseas asking us to have a look at there awesome line of products they offer. On checking their website, the only thing we find there is that all(100%) of the images there are ours :) These manufacturers from overseas offer our products and we have received complaints and received feedback of what a poor job they do when trying to copy our products. Some people have even lost money in the process. We use the best available materials which they can't match.

Here is an interesting one from ebay listing that uses our image, "The stock photo portrays some details that may differ from the actual harness..... We have included the photo to give you an idea...." The actual product then shipped is something that has no comparison with the quality that we offer.

If you are looking at a image of a product on Kookie Intl or see one of ours on or any other website, please remember it is only available via Kookie Intl. Otherwise, it is a fake and no matter how hard they try to copy or how cheap they offer it for, it will be a "cheap knock off"

While we do take steps to safeguard our property, we can't watermark our images as many retailers worldwide use them on their online stores. If you have any concerns or questions in this regard, please contact us.


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