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Bondage Hoods
Kookie's bondage hoods are made form quality leather and are available in a variety of designs. Most hoods are one size and have a lacing in the back to adjust the size. The spandex hoods are available in a choice of red or black and are also available in one size only. If you have any questions regarding these hoods, give us a call at 415.864.7557 or fill the feedback form under the contact us section.

Vegan Leather Bondage Mask
Code: 9114

Pup Mask
Code: 9027

Weaved Leather Fetish Mask
Code: 3741

Bandit Mask - Elastic Strap
Code: 3744

Cat Mask - Elastic Strap
Code: 3742

Leather Mask With Piping
Code: 3702

Bat Mask - Elastic Strap
Code: 3485

Classic Cat Mask
Code: 3322

Classic Bandit Mask
Code: 3323

Cat Mask - Fleece Lined
Code: 3006

Bondage Hood - Half Style
Code: 3794

Genuine Leather Slave Hood
Code: 3297

Master's Half Hood
Code: 3172

Red Spandex Hood
Code: 4009Red

Black Spandex Hood
Code: 4009Black

Open Head Hood
Code: 3444

Full Hood With Collar Ring
Code: 3296

Slave Hood With Zip Up Mouth
Code: 3298

Hood With Removable Blindfolds And Gag
Code: 3299

Master's Hood With Open Ears
Code: 3830

Black Leather Pony Mask
Code: 3871

Black Leather Pony Mask With Ears
Code: 3872

Red Or Black Open Mouth Hood
Code: 4008

Mask Blindfolds
Code: 3799

Hood With Open Mouth And Eyes
Code: 4005

Hood With Large Mouth Opening
Code: 4006

Compression Hood With Open Mouth
Code: 4007

Pony Muzzle Head Harness
Code: 3883

Head Harness Cat Mask
Code: 3888

Perforated Leather Slave Hood
Code: 5410

Leather Studded Cat Mask
Code: 3983

Leather or Patent Leather Cat Mask
Code: 3851

Leather Wide Mask
Code: 3999_Leather

Leather Mask - Stitched Edges
Code: 3951

Leather Mask - Adjustable Strap
Code: 3952

Leather And Fleece Slave Hood
Code: 5478

Lycra/ PVC Slave Hood
Code: 5479

PVC/Fleece Master's Half Hood
Code: 5481

Devil's Hood
Code: 9018

Lycra And PVC Hood In Red
Code: cout_5479

Neoprene Slave Hood
Code: 9057

White Puppy Mask
Code: 9075

Colored Pup Mask
Code: 9076

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