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The Kookie Vegan Kollection

From our exclusive “Kookie Kollections”, for our animal-friendly and vegan customers we present The Kookie Vegan Kollection. This collection is a reflective series that comes in variety of colors for every occasion. This is best for a night out in the town to shine in a club — goth, kink, or any other scene!

To order from this collection, sign up or log in. Message or contact 1-800-2KOOKIE for more information. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates here.

Check Out More From Our Kookie Kollections

Vegan Leather Bunny Mask
Code: 9127

Vegan Leather Dog Hood
Code: 9113

Vegan Leather Cat Mask
Code: 9110

Vegan Leather Bondage Mask
Code: 9114

Vegan Leather Muzzle
Code: 9125_vegan

Vegan Shoulder Harness
Code: 9118

Neoprene Suspender Harness
Code: 9120

Neoprene Pig Hood
Code: 9123

Bio Thane X Suspender Harness
Code: 8250

Bio Thane Buckle Harness
Code: 8248

Bio Thane Y Suspender Harness
Code: 8251

Bio Thane Choker Chain Bra
Code: 6127

Bio Thane Chain Top
Code: 6128

Bio Thane Bra
Code: 6129

Reflective Bio Thane Medium Spiked Collar
Code: 8252

Bio Thane Leg Harness
Code: 8258

Reflective Bio Thane Small Spiked Collar
Code: 8253

Bio Thane O Ring Collar
Code: 8245

Bio Thane Collars
Code: 8244

Bio Thane Ring Collars
Code: 8246

Bio Thane 4-Way Connector
Code: 8254

Bio Thane Chain Leashes
Code: 8247

Bio Thane 2-Way Connector
Code: 8256

Bio Thane 3-Way Connector (Short)
Code: 8255

Bio Thane 3-Way Connector (Long)
Code: 8257

Velvet Collar With O Ring
Code: 3059

Velvet Collar With 3 Rhinestone Rows
Code: 3083

Three Row Rhinestone Collar
Code: 3082

Velvet Collar With Rhinestones
Code: 3079

3 Spot Velvet Collar
Code: 5738

Velvet Collar With Pyramid Studs
Code: 5737

Velvet Collar WIth Round Studs
Code: 5736

O Ring Velvet Collar
Code: 3203Velvet

Velvet Collar With Rhinestones
Code: 3081

Braided Handle Cane
Code: 7131

Webbing Riding Crop
Code: 7030

Red Spandex Hood
Code: 4009Red

Black Spandex Hood
Code: 4009Black

Padded Full Face Spandex Hood
Code: 8308

Compression Hood With Open Mouth
Code: 4007

Hood With Large Mouth Opening
Code: 4006

Hood With Open Mouth And Eyes
Code: 8312

Lycra/ PVC Slave Hood
Code: 5479

PVC/Fleece Master's Half Hood
Code: 5481

Velvet Leash With Pyramid Studs
Code: 5741

Velvet Leash
Code: 5596

Police Hand Cuffs
Code: 3146

Metal Cuff Covers
Code: 3124

Metallic Pink And Chrome Handcuffs
Code: 5624

Hinged Handcuffs
Code: 5856

PVC And Neoprene Stallion Strap On
Code: 5472

Webbing Leash
Code: 5719

Black Webbing Ankle Restraints
Code: 5718A

Webbing Collar
Code: 5716

Black Webbing Wrist Restraints
Code: 5717W

Velvet Wrist Cuffs - Vegan
Code: 5593W

Velvet Collar With Velvet Lining and Ring
Code: 5617

Velvet Ankle Cuffs - Vegan
Code: 5594A

Brocade & Neoprene Vegan Ankle Cuffs
Code: 8146A

Brocade And Neoprene Vegan Collar
Code: 8144

Brocade & Neoprene Vegan Wrist Cuffs
Code: 8145W

Pin Wheel
Code: 3267

Spanking Cane
Code: 6041

Dungeon Cane
Code: 3796

Grave Vaginal Speculum
Code: 3351

Rope And Scissor Kit
Code: KTR-50

Rope And Scissor Kit
Code: KTR-25

Bondage Rope - 50 ft
Code: 5731

Bondage Rope - 25 ft
Code: 5730

Set Of Two Locks - Kit
Code: KT3682

Two Spring Safety Snaps - Kit
Code: KT3117

Set Of Two Medium Connectors - Kit
Code: KT3115

Set Of Two Small Connectors - Kit
Code: KT3114

Set Of Connector And Locks - Kit
Code: KT1MC2L

Pocket Paddle - Fabric
Code: 5805

PVC And Neoprene Bronco Harness
Code: 5473

Short Chain Connector
Code: 5893

12" Chain Connector
Code: 3055

24" Chain Connector
Code: 3056

40" Chain Connector
Code: 3057

Plaid Collar
Code: 3266

Stainless Steel Spreader Bar
Code: 8003

Vegan Strap On Harness
Code: 9111

Paw Print Mittens - Vegan
Code: 9065

Red Tail With Silicone Plug
Code: 5911

Vegan Reflective Armband
Code: 8259

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