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Men's Harnesses | Body Harness | Cock Straps
All harnesses and cock straps featured in this section are made from genuine leather. While some are made from latigo leather, other are made from soft garment leather. Some of the leather body harnesses have shiny metal studs placed on them in a uniform fashion and some are just made in a combination of leather and metal chains. All cock straps come with a solid metal O ring which can be changed with much ease. Minor size adjustment can also be attained by adjusting the snaps in the front on most harnesses. Please specify a size and style when you purchase any of the leather body harnesses, Sam Brown, cock straps, neck tie or suspenders.

Latigo Leather Infinity Harness
Code: 8121

Infinity Harness
Code: 5909

Infinity Harness With Piping
Code: 5925

Pride X Harness
Code: 8118

Skinny Leather Suspenders
Code: 8117

Bull Dog Harness
Code: 3929

Bull Dog Harness With Stripes
Code: 5761

Garment Leather Bull Dog Harness
Code: 5601

Bull Dog Harness With D Ring
Code: 5760

Bull Dog Dildo Harness
Code: 5698

Bull Dog Harness
Code: 5881

Bulldog Harness
Code: 5950

Bull Dog Harness With Piping
Code: 5639

Bulldog Harness With Pyramids
Code: 5949

Z Series Bulldog Harness
Code: 8108

White/Black Bulldog Harness
Code: 8147

Colorful Bull Dog Harness
Code: 8148

1.5 Inch Wide Harness With Black Buckles
Code: 5469

Double Chain Harness With Double Stripes
Code: 5672

Black Leather Holster Harness With Piping
Code: 5665

Leather Full Body Harness
Code: 5602

Garment Leather Harness - Black Hardware
Code: 5592

Harness With Black/Chrome Pyramid
Code: 5467

Genuine Leather Links Harness
Code: 3979

Black Leather And Chain Suspenders
Code: 3977

2 Inch Wide Leather Harness
Code: 3969

Holster Harness
Code: 3967

Winged Chain Harness
Code: 3957

Single Chain Men's Body Harness
Code: 3926

Chain And Leather Cock Strap
Code: 3921

Black Leather And Chain Harness
Code: 3920

Garment Leather Basic Harness - Wide
Code: 3894

Black Leather And Hardware Harness
Code: 3860

Harness With Pyramids
Code: 3858

Body Harness
Code: 3804

Y Harness
Code: 3752

Metal Cuff Harness
Code: 3714

Wide Buckle Harness
Code: 3680

Leather And Chain Harness
Code: 3648

Suspenders With Pyramid Studs
Code: 3528

Eyelet Suspenders
Code: 3527

Leather Harness With Stripes
Code: 3484

Double Chain Harness
Code: 3454

Chain Stud Harness
Code: 3397

Metal Bar Harness
Code: 3395

Neck Tie Cock Strap
Code: 3355

Twisted Bit Harness
Code: 3277

Pyramid Stud Harness
Code: 3275

Leather Combination Cock Strap
Code: 3212

Black/Colored Stripe Suspenders
Code: 3209

Buckle Harness
Code: 3171

Leather Harness
Code: 3168

Cock Strap With O Ring
Code: 3139

Basic Garment Leather Harness
Code: 3129

Cock Strap
Code: 3123

Full Body Harness
Code: 3122

Cock Strap With Collar
Code: 3121

Solid Bit Harness
Code: 3049

Leather Strap Harness
Code: 3048

Garrison Strap
Code: 3032

Basic Leather Harness
Code: 3030

Soft Garment Leather Suspenders
Code: 3018

Genuine Leather Suspenders
Code: 3016

Leather Leg Harness
Code: 5477

Turn Harness
Code: 5525

Pit Bull Harness
Code: 5774

Cock Strap Harness
Code: 5798

Suspender Harness
Code: 5799

Half Harness
Code: 5807

Garment Leather Harness
Code: 5814

Men's Corset
Code: 6703

Neck Corset With Head Strap
Code: 6701

Neck Corset
Code: 6700

Suspender Harness
Code: 5791

Garment Leather Holster Harness
Code: 5600

Leg Harness
Code: 5816

Floral Cock Strap Harness
Code: 5878

Floral Suspender Harness
Code: 5879

Hunter Harness
Code: 5880

Combination Buckle Harness
Code: 5926

Utility Pouch
Code: 5964

Scottish Harness With Snaps
Code: 5938

Scottish Buckle Harness - Latigo
Code: 5939

Scottish Buckle Harness
Code: 5940

Z Series Scottish Harness
Code: 8109

Latigo Leather Scottish Harness
Code: 8131

Carpenter Harness
Code: 8132

Skinny Leg Harness
Code: 8137

Turn Harness With Buckles
Code: 8150

Leather Harness
Code: 3909

Leather Harness With Stripes
Code: 3893

Riveted Harness
Code: 3915

Harness With Cross And O Ring
Code: 3916

Wide Harness With Metal Plate
Code: 3917

Garment Or Metallic Bulldog Harness
Code: 8155

Bulldog Harness - Black Hardware
Code: 8154

Leather Harness With Piping
Code: 5673

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