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Fingerless Gloves, Trojan Kilt.....
This section includes some of the most unique products in the fetish and BDSM industry. From fingerless gloves to holster bags, there are products featured in this section that stick out in the crowd. Leather neck ties and leather bow are made from soft leather and are great for clubs and fetish parties. Black leather biker wallets with chain fit in with every fashion industry.

Blackware Long 3-way Hog Tie
Code: 8352

Blackware 3-Way Hog Tie
Code: 8351

Blackware 4-way Hog Tie
Code: 8350

Blackware 2-way Hog Tie
Code: 8349

Leather Baseball Cap
Code: 8306

Leather Gloves
Code: 8307

Bondage Rope - 25 ft
Code: 5730

Bondage Rope - 50 ft
Code: 5731

Rope And Scissor Kit
Code: KTR-25

Rope And Scissor Kit
Code: KTR-50

Leather Quirt
Code: 3943

Genuine Leather Bull Whip
Code: Bull_Whips

Titanium 4K
Code: titanium4K

Titanium 5K
Code: titanium5K

Titanium 10K
Code: titanium10K

Chrome or Rose Gold Heart Shaped Lock
Code: 5502

Chrome Finished Square Shaped Lock
Code: 5503

Heart Shaped Lock With Rhinestones
Code: 5511

Square Lock With Rhinestones
Code: 5512

Brass Lock
Code: 3682

Adjustable Spreader Bar
Code: 8157

Two In One Spreader Bar
Code: 9026

Leather And Shiny Chain Shackle Set
Code: 5611

X Bar With Red Restraints
Code: 8006

X Spreader Bar With Cuffs
Code: 8005 Blk

Stainless Steel Spreader Bar
Code: 8003

Key Chain Flogger
Code: 7117

Leather Gag/Bit Or Collar Reins
Code: 3880

Women's Body Harness
Code: 3810

Trojan Kilt
Code: 3649

Leather Bow Tie
Code: 3232

Neck Tie
Code: 3233

Leather Arm Binders
Code: 3314

Pair of bed Straps
Code: 3665

Genuine Leather Straight Jacket
Code: 1444-00

Tri Fold Chain Wallet
Code: 3159

Biker Chain Wallet
Code: 3160

Metal Cuff Covers
Code: 3124

Large Ball String
Code: 3473

Small Ball String
Code: 3472

Fingerless Gloves
Code: 3751

Pyramid Studded Fingerless Gloves
Code: 3947

Pin Wheel Pouch
Code: 3650

Leather Leg Harness
Code: 5477

Pirate's Eye Patch
Code: 5609

Leather Key Chain
Code: 5703

Webbing Key Chain
Code: 5721

Steel Catnail
Code: 5770

Beaded Joystick
Code: 5419

Leg Harness
Code: 5816

8 Inch Leather Dildo
Code: 3537

12 Inch Leather Dildo
Code: 3538

Classic Leather Watchband
Code: 3053

Leather Apron
Code: 5960

Garrison Cap
Code: 6758

Metal Ramrod Dildo With Handle
Code: 5874

Steel Dildo With Balls
Code: 3905

12 Inch Milking Stick
Code: 3907

Steel Pleasure Rod
Code: 3908

Satisfying Oval Beaded Stick
Code: 5418

Double Head Enhancer
Code: 5420

Groove Stick
Code: 5441

Ultimate Ass Lock-SALE
Code: 5625

Double The Pleasure
Code: 5630

Police Hand Cuffs
Code: 3146

Tie Ring Plate
Code: 5847

Short Chain Connector
Code: 5893

12" Chain Connector
Code: 3055

24" Chain Connector
Code: 3056

40" Chain Connector
Code: 3057

Camo Leather Crown
Code: 8191_camo

Metallic Leather Crown
Code: 8191_metallic

Exotic Leather Crown
Code: 8191_exotic

Brocade Crown
Code: 8191_brocade

Leather Holiday Stocking
Code: 8273

Swing With Cuffs
Code: 5622

Stainless Steel Inhaler Leather String
Code: 8300

30mL Leather Popper Holder
Code: 8336

15mL Leather Popper Holder
Code: 8335

Stainless Steel Inhaler Chain
Code: 8301

Leather Baseball Cap
Code: 6212

Harness Pouch
Code: 6817

Leg Pouch
Code: 6818

Leather Utility Pouch
Code: 6870

Blackware Thigh Strap
Code: 8363

Accent 2-way Hog Tie
Code: 8349-accent

Mini Steel Plug
Code: 8384

2-way Large O-Ring Leather HogTie
Code: 8402

Leather Shackle
Code: 8401

Rainbow Crown
Code: 8318

Rainbow Crown Armband
Code: 8319

Rainbow Crown Collar
Code: 8320

Suspension Chains
Code: 8404

Leather Crown
Code: 8191

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