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Medical Toys
Gags and bits are the core accessories used in bondage plays. Kookie makes sure to make them strong and durable. The unique designs enable to get the most out of these gags and bits. Some are rigid, for the pro's and some are soft, for the armatures. If you see two or more colors in a image or description, please specify a color when you place an order.

Pin Wheel
Code: 3267

Rainbow Wartenberg Pin Wheel
Code: 3897

Three Head Pin Wheel
Code: 5445

Seven Head Pinwheel
Code: 5494

Five Head Pin Wheel
Code: 5495

Grave Vaginal Speculum
Code: 3351

Hegar Dilator Set - Double Ended
Code: 3423

5 Inch Jennings Mouth Gag
Code: 3426

6 Inch Whitehead Mouth Gag
Code: 3427

Sims Rectal Speculum
Code: 3428

Sims Rectal Speculum - Open Sides
Code: 3429

Mathieu Rectal Speculum
Code: 3430

Hershman Anal Scope
Code: 3431

Collins Speculum
Code: 3432

Young Tongue Forceps
Code: 3433

Enema Syringe
Code: 3539

Kelly Protoscope
Code: 3542

Babinskey Hammer
Code: 3544

Molt Mouth Gag
Code: 3545

Barr Anal Rectal
Code: 3555

Taylor Percussion Hammer
Code: 3556

Dejerine Neurological Hammer
Code: 3558

Tuning Fork Set
Code: 3561

Utility Scissors
Code: 3563

Cock Ring Cutter
Code: 3564

Teneculum Forceps
Code: 3566

Sim Sound CVD
Code: 3568

CB Crusher
Code: 3570

Pro's Pin Wheel Pouch
Code: 3638

Butt Plug
Code: 3641

Pin Wheel Pouch
Code: 3650

Single Dilator Piece
Code: 3749

Gossett Retractor
Code: 3773

Rigby Retractor
Code: 3777

Vibrating Sound
Code: 3778

Rose Bud Dilator Set
Code: 3780

Vaginal Retractor
Code: 3874

Whitehead Gag With Locking Straps
Code: 3879

Jumbo Rectal Speculum
Code: 3898

Color Coated Vaginal Speculms
Code: 3899

Examination Stretcher
Code: 3900

Tear Drop
Code: 3901

Vaginal Stick
Code: 3903

Steel Dildo With Balls
Code: 3905

12 Inch Milking Stick
Code: 3907

Steel Pleasure Rod
Code: 3908

Spring Mouth Gag
Code: 3931

Rope Master's Hook
Code: 5417

Satisfying Oval Beaded Stick
Code: 5418

Beaded Joystick
Code: 5419

Double Head Enhancer
Code: 5420

Groove Stick
Code: 5441

Albert Wand
Code: 5513

Big Biker's Plug
Code: 5514

Prince's Day And Night Wand
Code: 5515

Ultimate Ass Lock-SALE
Code: 5625

Cable Cock Ring With Anal Ball
Code: 5626

Medieval Massager
Code: 5627

Double The Pleasure
Code: 5630

Ice Lock
Code: 5678

Rubber Coated Whitehead Gag
Code: 5442

Pratt Double Ended Dilator
Code: 5629

Movable Butt Plug
Code: 5772

Black or Chrome Spurs Pinwheel
Code: 5837

Metal Dildo With Handle
Code: 5874

Vaginal Hook
Code: 5883

Hand Shaped Skin Scratcher
Code: 5884

Steel Catnail Pinwheel
Code: 5885

Nipple Clamp Weight each
Code: 5886

Glans Ring Penis Wand
Code: 5859

Glans Ring Long Penis Wand
Code: 5860

Rainbow Speculum
Code: 5900

2 Inch Pinwheel Keeper
Code: 5942

Dilator Pouch
Code: 3650S

Ball Crusher/Stretcher With Spikes
Code: 8140

Plastic Tube Penis Plug
Code: 5861

Steel Catnail
Code: 5770

Anal Hook
Code: 9032

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