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Gags And Bits
Gags and bits are the core accessories used in bondage plays. Kookie makes sure to make them strong and durable. The unique designs enable to get the most out of these gags and bits. Some are rigid, for the pro's and some are soft, for the armatures. If you see two or more colors in a image or description, please specify a color when you place an order.

Lips Gag
Code: 9005

Deep Throat Gag
Code: 9006

Silicone O Ring Gag
Code: 9009

Breathable Silicone Ball Gag
Code: 9011

5 Inch Rubber Bit
Code: 3670

O Ring Gags
Code: 3097

Open Mouth Gag
Code: 3654

Bondage Bit Gag
Code: 3007

Small Ball Gag
Code: 3074Small

Large Ball Gag
Code: 3074Large

Head Harness With Gag
Code: 3442

Ball Gag With 1.25 or 1.75 Inch Buckle
Code: 3335

Head Harness And Gag
Code: 3336

Blindfold And Gag Combo
Code: 3301

Leather Wrapped Pony Bit
Code: 3550

Bondage Bit
Code: 3546

Head Harness - Removable Gag
Code: 3418

Head Harness With Muzzle
Code: 3441

All Leather Gag
Code: 3610

Unique Gag - All Leather
Code: 3234

Leather Wrapped Gag - Large
Code: 3551Large

Leather Wrapped Gag - Small
Code: 3551Small

Locking Buckle Bit Gag
Code: 3458

Chin Strap Bit Gag
Code: 3671

Bit Collar
Code: 3223

Ball Gag Collar
Code: 3271

Pony Harness With Reins
Code: 3848

Open Mouth Ball Gag
Code: 3852

Whitehead Gag With Locking Straps
Code: 3879

Lockable Gag - Unique
Code: 3884

Collar With Open Mouth Gag
Code: 3882

Airway Mouth Gag
Code: 3919

Leather Gag/Bit Or Collar Reins
Code: 3880

Rubber Coated Spider Gag
Code: 5443

Rubber Coated Whitehead Gag
Code: 5442

Leather Gag With Rubber Coated Ring
Code: 5448

Leather Penis Gag
Code: 3652

Leather Solid Ball Gag
Code: 3653

Spring Mouth Gag
Code: 3931

Molt Mouth Gag
Code: 3545

6 Inch Whitehead Mouth Gag
Code: 3427

5 Inch Jennings Mouth Gag
Code: 3426

Hood With Removable Blindfolds And Gag
Code: 3299

Dildo Mouth Harness
Code: 5699

Leather Wrapped Ball Gag
Code: 5633

Large Ball Gag - Breathing Hole
Code: 5910

Gag And Nipple Clamp Combo
Code: 5997

Inflatable Mouth Gag
Code: 3723

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