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Paddles And Slappers
Leather slappers and paddles are one of the most preferred spanking toys in the BDSM world. From amateurs to pros, we have a paddle or a slapper that meets the needs for every individual. While fur like fleece lined paddles are the favorite, uniquely designed and vibrant colored paddles and slappers help create a perfect combination for fetish outfits and also add a bit of spice to the BDSM plays.

Genuine Leather Bull Whip
Code: Bull_Whips

Slapper Tie
Code: 8129

Z Series Heart Paddle
Code: 8113

Handcover Teaser
Code: 7501

Heart Paddle Made From Wood
Code: 7129

Wooden Mini Paddle
Code: 7128

Wood Paddle With Holes
Code: 7127

Wood Pocket Paddle - Three Heart
Code: 7126

Paddle With Metal Handle
Code: 7125

30" Hog Slapper
Code: 7007

Curved Handle Cane
Code: 6041

Leather laced slapper
Code: 5996

Red Cross Heart Paddle
Code: 5988

Z Series Leather Paddle
Code: 5982

24 Inch Slapper
Code: 5944

Prickly Slapper
Code: 5933

Three Layer Pyramid Slapper
Code: 5848

Slapper With Black Pyramids
Code: 5809

Prickly Pocket Paddle
Code: 5806

Pocket Paddle - Fabric
Code: 5805

Flower Mini Paddle
Code: 5790

Mini Paddle With Heart
Code: 5789

Fig Leaf Mini Paddle
Code: 5788

Heart In Heart Paddle
Code: 5764

Two Layered Paddle
Code: 5694

Rug Beater
Code: 5693

Paddle With Fllece Lining And Studs
Code: 5692

Mini Paddle With Phantom Nails
Code: 5691

Belt Slapper
Code: 5674

Mini Paddle
Code: 5671

Mini Paddle
Code: 5670

Three Layers Slapper
Code: 5645

Pocket Paddle With Metal Plates
Code: 5641

18 Inch Black Leather Traffic Slapper
Code: 5599

Leather Prickly Slapper
Code: 5536

Leather Star Paddle
Code: 5535

Three Layer Pocket Slapper
Code: 5534

18 Inch Slapper - Polk-A-Dot
Code: 5533

18 Inch Slapper With Stars
Code: 5532

Blk Slapper With 3 Strips Of Leather
Code: 5497

Slapper With Black Pyramid Studs
Code: 5471

Leather Paddle With English Cone Studs
Code: 5470

Leather or Patent Leather Spanking Slapper
Code: 5450

Slapper With Three Hearts
Code: 5439

Poking Slapper
Code: 3988

Leather Paddle With Heart
Code: 3987

Leather Paddle
Code: 3950

Heart Pocket Paddle
Code: 3948

Leather Quirt
Code: 3943

Slanted Stripes Leather Slapper
Code: 3927

Paddle With Leopard Piping
Code: 3925

Slapper With Leopard Pining
Code: 3924

Leather Pocket Slapper
Code: 3923

Three Flap Polka Dot Slapper
Code: 3843

Genuine Leather Split Slapper
Code: 3842

Thong Whip
Code: 3832

Natural Leather Slapper
Code: 3831

Stripe Slapper
Code: 3822

Stripe Paddle
Code: 3816

Dungeon Cane
Code: 3796

Four Hearts Paddle
Code: 3782

Padded Paddle
Code: 3781

Small Slapper With Hearts
Code: 3748

Fleece Lined Sting Slapper
Code: 3747

Paddle With Leather Weaved Edges
Code: 3732

11 Inch Slapper With Lining
Code: 3729

Giant Slapper
Code: 3700

Six Holes Paddle
Code: 3699

Sting Slapper With Flap
Code: 3696

Three Lace Sting Slapper
Code: 3669

Fleece Lined Slapper
Code: 3667

Vibrant Colored Lined Paddle
Code: 3663

Polka Dot Slapper
Code: 3593

Leather Slapper
Code: 3592

Slapper With Red Heart
Code: 3591

Three Layer Slapper
Code: 3495

Slapper With Two Rows Of Holes
Code: 3494

Uniquely Shaped Slapper
Code: 3490

Red Heart Paddle
Code: 3437

Black Leather Heart Paddle
Code: 3436

Hand Shaped Paddle
Code: 3420

Leather Pocket Slapper
Code: 3409

Pocket Slapper With Holes
Code: 3408

Chain Studs Slapper
Code: 3293

Slapper With Metal Rivets
Code: 3292

Plain Leather Slapper
Code: 3291

Leather Slapper - Wide
Code: 3222

11 Inch Long Slapper
Code: 3219

Shiny Patent Leather Paddle
Code: 3218

Fleece Lined Paddle
Code: 3194

Large Fleece Lined Paddle
Code: 3166

Slapper With Swivel Snap
Code: 3156

Black Leather Sting Slapper
Code: 3150

Long Slapper With Fleece Lining
Code: 3149

Slapper With Pyramid Spikes
Code: 3042

18 Inch Long Slapper
Code: 3041

12 Inch Long Slapper
Code: 3040

Oval Paddle
Code: 9017

Bamboo Slapper
Code: 9028

Feather Tickler
Code: 9029

11 Inch Slapper
Code: 5898

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