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The Kookie Desired Kollection

From our exclusive “Kookie Kollections”, for our fashion lovers looking for unique and functional toys, we present The Kookie Desired Kollection. We guarantee that you will be amazed with the variety of offering with a consistent high quality standard and fair price of this toy series. This comes in a variety of design for you and your toy collection to stand out!

To order from this collection, sign up or log in. Message or contact 1-800-2KOOKIE for more information. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates here.

Check Out More From Our Kookie Kollections

Stailess Steel Slapper
Code: 9079

Stainless Steel Mace
Code: 9078

Paw Slapper
Code: 9080

Cable Slapper
Code: 9081

Metal Star Crop
Code: 9077

Metal Skull Slapper
Code: 9083

Metal Smiley Slapper
Code: 9082

Metal Chain Flogger
Code: 9085

Metal Kitty Slapper
Code: 9084

Colored Pup Mask
Code: 9076

White Puppy Mask
Code: 9075

Tyro Bondage Kit
Code: 9074

BDSM Travel Kit
Code: 9086

Neoprene Strap On Harness
Code: 9073

Enclosed Chastity Cage
Code: 9093

Gag with Large Dildo
Code: 9107

Gag with Small Dildo
Code: 9106

Tweezers Nipple Clamp - Gold
Code: 9071

30 Ft Hemp Rope
Code: 9070

Bamboo Paddle - Hearts And Holes
Code: 9069

Silicone Bit Gag
Code: 9068

Metal Bar Ball Gag
Code: 9067

Double Pleasure Gag
Code: 9066

Paw Print Mittens - Vegan
Code: 9065

Emma Harness Bra
Code: 9064

Giuliana Harness Bra
Code: 9063

Sia Harness Bra
Code: 9062

Zarya Harness Bra
Code: 9061

Shay Harness Bra
Code: 9060

Neoprene Armband - Pair
Code: 9059

Neoprene Sports Harness
Code: 9058

Neoprene Slave Hood
Code: 9057

Donut Silicone Cock Ring
Code: 9055

Bondage Tape
Code: 9054

Dozen Assorted Pasties
Code: 9053

Rabbit Tail
Code: 9051

Purple/White Tail With Silicone Plug
Code: 9050

Long Tail With Gold Plug
Code: 9049

Tail With Elongated Plug
Code: 9048

White Tail With Silicone Plug
Code: 9046

Blue Tail With Metal Plug
Code: 9045

Urethral Plug
Code: 9039

Urethral Plug
Code: 9034

Anal Hook
Code: 9032

Feather Tickler
Code: 9029

Bamboo Slapper
Code: 9028

Pup Mask
Code: 9027

Two In One Spreader Bar
Code: 9026

Silicone Bone Mouth Gag
Code: 9025

PVC Armbinders
Code: 9024

Fabric Scarf Blindfold
Code: 9023

Devil's Hood
Code: 9018

Oval Paddle
Code: 9017

Neck And Wrist Bondage Restraint
Code: 9016

13-In-1 Bondage Kit
Code: 9012

Breathable Silicone Ball Gag
Code: 9011

Wrist And Ankle Binder Bar
Code: 9010

Silicone O Ring Gag
Code: 9009

Satin Blindfold
Code: 9008

Rattan Cane Flogger
Code: 9007

Deep Throat Gag
Code: 9006

Lips Gag
Code: 9005

Under Bed Bondage Straps
Code: 9004

Under Bed Straps With Cuffs
Code: 9003

Door Jam Pair
Code: 9002

Door Jam With Cuffs
Code: 9001

Code: 9112

Vegan Strap On Harness
Code: 9111

Colored Rope
Code: 9109

Elastic Apollo Harness
Code: 9132

Infinity Elastic Harness
Code: 9131

Neoprene Pig Hood
Code: 9123

Vegan Leather Dog Hood
Code: 9113

Rubber Muzzle With Ballgag
Code: 9133

Vegan Leather Bunny Mask
Code: 9127

Neoprene Suspender Harness
Code: 9120

Neoprene Half Shoulder Harness
Code: 9117

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