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Kookie Intl riding crops are made from great quality and offered at great prices. There are a lot of vibrant colors and unique designs to choose from. Most of the riding crops featured below are available in black, blue and red. Please check the description of each item to check for color availability.

18 Inch Riding Bat
Code: 7001

26" Long Loop Crops
Code: 7002

26" Long Plain Crop
Code: 7003

24" Riding Bat
Code: 7004

24" Riding Crop
Code: 7005

24" English Crop
Code: 7006

30" Hog Slapper
Code: 7007

15" Jump Bat
Code: 7008

30" Riding Whip
Code: 7009

Hand Riding Bat
Code: 7010

26" Stripe Crop
Code: 7011

Leather Quirt
Code: 3943

26 Inch Riding Crop With Loop
Code: 7020

20 Inch Heart Crop
Code: 7024

Webbing Riding Crop
Code: 7030

Black Leather Crop
Code: 7119

Leather Cat O Nine
Code: 7121

Braided Handle Cane
Code: 7131

Suede Cat O Nine
Code: 7120

Rhinestone Handle Crop
Code: 7036

Crop With Rhinestone Handle
Code: 7037

Crop With Clear Handle
Code: 7038

Red Rhinestone Crop
Code: 7039

Clear Handle Crop
Code: 7041

Black Leather Crop/Slapper
Code: 7042

Pride Thong Whip
Code: 3832

Leather Heart Riding Crop
Code: 7012Lea

Patent Leather Heart Riding Crop
Code: 7012LeaPt

Fleece/Leather Heart Riding Crop
Code: 7013

Leather Heart Nurse Cross Riding Crop
Code: 7014

Riding Crop With Bkpt Heart/White Cross
Code: 7014Bkpt_Wht

Riding Crop With Rdpt Heart/White Cross
Code: 7014Rdpt_Wht

Riding Crop With Black Patent Leather Star
Code: 7015Bkpt

Riding Crop With Exotic Cosmo Leather Star
Code: 7015Cosmo

Riding Crop With Gold Leather Star
Code: 7015Gold

Riding Crop With Metallic Blue Leather Star
Code: 7015MtBlu

Riding Crop With Metallic Pink Leather Star
Code: 7015MtPink

Riding Crop With Exotic Mustard Leather Star
Code: 7015Must

Riding Crop With Red Patent Leather Star
Code: 7015Rdpt

Riding Crop With Silver Leather Star
Code: 7015Silver

Riding Crop With Snake Print Leather Star
Code: 7015Snake

18 Inch Slapper Crop
Code: 7025

Leather Grip Long Crop
Code: 7026

Rubber Grip Crop
Code: 7027

Riding Crop With Metal Trim
Code: 7028

Rainbow Crop
Code: 7029

Rubber Trim 24 Inch Crop
Code: 7033

Black And Silver Crop
Code: 7034

Velvet Heart Shaped Riding Crop
Code: 7012Vel

Brocade Heart Riding Crop
Code: 7012Brcd

26 Inch Crop With Bkpt Heart/Red Piping
Code: 7016Bkpt_Red

26 Inch Crop With Black Heart/Blue Piping
Code: 7016Blk_Blue

26 Inch Crop With Black Heart/Pink Piping
Code: 7016Blk_Pnk

26 Inch Crop With Black Heart/Pur Piping
Code: 7016Blk_Pur

26 Inch Crop With Black Heart/Red Piping
Code: 7016Blk_Red

26 Inch Crop With Black Heart/Wht Piping
Code: 7016Blk_Wht

26 Inch Crop With Rdpt Heart/Blk Piping
Code: 7016Rdpt_Blk

Green Fig Leaf Riding Crop - 26 Inch Long
Code: 7019Grn

Natural Fig Leaf Riding Crop - 26 Inch Long
Code: 7019Nat

Patent leather Fig Leaf Riding Crop - 26 Inch Long
Code: 7019Patent

Red Fig Leaf Riding Crop - 26 Inch Long
Code: 7019Red

Yellow Fig Leaf Riding Crop - 26 Inch Long
Code: 7019Yelo

Prickly Riding Crop
Code: 7031

Riding Crop With Phantom Nails
Code: 7032

Genuine Leather Bull Whip
Code: Bull_Whips

26 Inch Red Cross Riding Crop
Code: 7043

Z Series Leather And Fleece Crop
Code: 7045

Z Series Double Leather Heart Crop
Code: 7044

Rattan Cane Flogger
Code: 9007

Feather Tickler
Code: 9029

26 Inch Crop With MtRed Heart /Gold Piping
Code: 7016Gld_MRed

Metal Star Crop
Code: 9077

Rose Crop
Code: 7023

Pride Riding Crop
Code: 7046

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