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Bondage Collars Spike Collars Stud Collars Plain Collars Posture Collars ID Collars

Two Tone Heart Collar
Code: 8393

Panel Stitch Collar
Code: 8267

Velvet Horizontal Ring Collar
Code: 8317

Stitch Lined Lockable Collar
Code: 3735

Rainbow Heart Collars
Code: 8316

Rainbow Crown Collar
Code: 8320

Brassware Leather Collar [D-Ring]
Code: 8193

Blackware Leather Collar
Code: 8196

Stainless Steel Submissive Collar
Code: 8294

Chain Choker Collar
Code: 8282

2-Toned Garment Leather Heart Chain Collar
Code: 8283

Double Chain V Ring Collar
Code: 8284

Camo Garment Leather Chain Waterfall Collar
Code: 5992_camo

Camo Garment Leather Day Collar
Code: 3611_camo

Camo Garment Leather Slave Collar
Code: 3497_camo

Camo Garment Leather O-ring Collar
Code: 5705_camo

Brocade And Leather Collar
Code: 8126

Heart Collar
Code: 5907

Metal Loop Collar
Code: 8215

Basic Posture Collar With Ring
Code: 3666

Collar With Black Hardware
Code: 3942

Blackware Padded Leather Collar
Code: 8241

Bio Thane Collars
Code: 8244

Bio Thane O Ring Collar
Code: 8245

Nurse Cross Collar With Ring
Code: 3759

Bio Thane Ring Collars
Code: 8246

Perforated Collar
Code: 5967

Brocade And Neoprene Vegan Collar
Code: 8144

Wide Locking Buckle Collar (Exotic)
Code: 5835C_Exotic

Leather Collar With Locking Buckle
Code: 5857

3" Wide Collar
Code: 3090

Heretic's Fork Collar
Code: 8264

Garment Leather Collar - Fleece Lined
Code: 5825

Collar With Roller Buckle
Code: 5849

3 D Rings Collar
Code: 3125

Collar With Pyramid/Round Studs
Code: 5438

Leather Halter Ring Collar Post Rings
Code: 8158_Leather

Chrome D-Ring Fleece-Lined Collar
Code: 5437

Brocade Collar With Black Hardware
Code: 8130

Exotic Leather Cross Collar
Code: 8174_Exotic

Metallic Leather Halter Ring Collars
Code: 3949_Metallic

Metallic Leather O Ring Collar with Piping
Code: 3731_Metallic

Collar With Post And "EAT ME" ID
Code: 5555

Collar With Post And "BAD GIRL" ID
Code: 5554

Collar With Post And BOY TOY ID
Code: 5553

Collar With Post And "PORN STAR" ID
Code: 5552

Collar With Post And "FUCK YOU" ID
Code: 5551

Collar With Post And "SEXY BITCH" ID
Code: 5550

Leather Halter Ring Collar
Code: 3949_Leather

Exotic Leather Halter Ring Collars
Code: 3949_Exotic

Leather O Ring Collar With Piping
Code: 3731_Leather

Exotic Leather O Ring Collar with Piping
Code: 3731_Exotic

Exotic Horizontal Ring Collar
Code: 3838_Exotic

Metallic Horizon Ring Collar
Code: 3838_Metallic

Leather Horizontal Ring Collar
Code: 3838_Leather

Locking Collar
Code: 5705

Leather Ring Collar
Code: 3001

Leather Bondage Collar With O Ring
Code: 3020_Leather

Metallic Bondage Collar with O Ring
Code: 3020_Metallic

Large Round Studs Ring Collar
Code: 3028

O And 2 D Rings Collar
Code: 3089

Fleece Lined Collar With O Ring
Code: 3200

Metallic Locking Collar [O-ring]
Code: 8344

Deluxe Two-Tone Locking Collar (O-Ring)
Code: 8371

Deluxe 2-Tone Locking Collar [D-Ring]
Code: 8374

Petite Black 2-Tone Locking Collars [O-Ring]
Code: 8377

2-Toned Garment Leather Heart Collar
Code: 8286

Black Fleece 2 Toned Collar
Code: 8394

O-Ring Chain Collar
Code: 8400

Latigo Fleece Collar [O-Ring]
Code: 8405

Multi-Ring Rainbow Collars
Code: 8403

Mermaid Heart Chain Collar
Code: 8412

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