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Cod Jocks and Men's Leather Thongs
Kookie makes some of the most exciting leather cod jocks. From plain black leather cod jock with a single strap back to a red leather jock in vented leather, there is a design that meets the needs of every individual. Most of the cod jocks featured below come in different sizes unless specified.There are some cod pieces that can be sold individually - only in some styles. Ask your sales associate for details. Do remember that we also offer leather thongs at amazing prices.

Cod Jock With A Zipper And Yellow Stripes
Code: 4439Yellow

Cod Jock With A Zipper And Red Stripes
Code: 4439Red

Cod Jock With A Zipper And Blue Stripes
Code: 4439Blue

Black Cod Jock With A Zipper And Stripes
Code: 4439Black

Cod Jock With Yellow Stripe And Laces
Code: 4438Yellow

Cod Jock With Laces And Red Stripe
Code: 4438Red

Cod jock With Blue Stripe And Laces
Code: 4438Blue

Cod Jock With Laces And Black Stripe
Code: 4438Black

Poly Vinyl Zipper Thong
Code: 4278-28

Poly Vinyl Thong With An O Ring
Code: 4277-28

Plain Black Leather Thong
Code: 4276-35

Plain Poly Vinyl Thong
Code: 4276-28

Red Lycra Jock With Wide Elastic Strap
Code: 4038Red

Plaid Jock With Wide Elastic Strap
Code: 4038Plaid

Garment Jock With Wide Strap
Code: 4038

Black Lycra Jock With Wide Strap
Code: 4038Black

Perforated Leather Jock - Wide Strap
Code: 4037Black

White Leather Jock With Wide Strap
Code: 4036White

Red Leather Jock With Wide Strap
Code: 4036Red

Blue Leather Jock With Wide Strap
Code: 4036Blue

Yellow Stripe Jock With Two Strap Back
Code: 4033Yellow

Red Stripe Jock With Two Strap Back
Code: 4033Red

Gray Stripe Jock With Two Strap Back
Code: 4033Gray

Blue Stripe Jock With Two Strap Back
Code: 4033Blue

All Black Jock With Two Strap Back
Code: 4033Black

Red Leather Vent Jock With A Zipper
Code: 4032Red

Black Vent Jock With A Front Zipper
Code: 4032Black

Red Leather Vent Jock
Code: 4031Red

Black Leather Vent Jock
Code: 4031Black

Zipper Front Jock - Elastic Straps
Code: 4023

Lace Fornt Jock - Elastic Straps
Code: 4022

Elastic Straps Plain Leather Jock
Code: 4021

Lace Front Jock - G String Back
Code: 4019

Jock With G String Back
Code: 4018

Black Leather Two Strap Cod Jock
Code: 3725

Black Leather Jock With Laces And Back Straps
Code: 3721

Plain Front Jock With A Two Black Straps
Code: 3720

Jock With A Single Strap Back
Code: 3692

Leather Lace And Lycra Thong
Code: 3687

Red Heart White Stripe Jock
Code: 3467

Colored Stripe Cod Jock With Single Back Strap
Code: 3461

Buckle Strap Cod Jock
Code: 3393

Two Strap Pouch
Code: 3281

Cod Jock With A Single Back Strap
Code: 3008

Leather Jock With Garment Back
Code: 4484-35

Poly Vinyl Thong With Garment Back
Code: 4484-28

Jock With Leather Ring
Code: 3519

Cod Jock With Pyramid Studs
Code: 3468

Cod Jock With Two Back Straps
Code: 3857

Thong Shorts
Code: 3961

Perforated Red Leather Jock
Code: 4037Red

Black Stretch Thong With Buckles
Code: 4483-28

Cod Jock With A Cock Ring
Code: 3486

Black Leather Jock - Single Back Strap
Code: 4020

Black Leather Jock With White Stripe
Code: 4033White

Gray Leather Jock With A Wide Strap
Code: 4036Gray

Black Leather Jock With A Wide Strap
Code: 4036Black

Yellow Leather Jock With A Wide Strap
Code: 4036Yellow

Green Leather Jock With A Wide Strap
Code: 4036Green

Black Leather/Fleece Reversible Jock
Code: 4039Black

Blk Leather/Blue Fleece Reversible Jock
Code: 4039Blue

Blk Leather/Red Fleece Reversible Jock
Code: 4039Red

Leather Cod Jock With O Rings
Code: 4043

Leather And O Ring Cod Jock
Code: 4042

Leather And Chain Cod Jock
Code: 4041

Strap On Jock
Code: 3522

Male Jock With Buckle Chastity
Code: 3318

Leather Jock Strap
Code: 5679

Men's Dildo Harness With Pouch
Code: 3637-3965

Thong With Eyelets
Code: 4630

Leather And Mesh Thong
Code: 4627

Thong With D Rings
Code: 4629

Snap Off Thong
Code: 4626

Camouflage Thongs
Code: 4637-35_43

Piping Jock
Code: 5871

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