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Small Jewel Butt Plug
Code: 5922_Chrome

Medium Jewel Butt Plug
Code: 5923_Chrome

Large Jewel Butt Plug
Code: 5924_Chrome

Gold Jewel Butt Plug - Small
Code: 5922_Gold

Gold Jewel Butt Plug - Medium
Code: 5923_Gold

Gold Jewel Butt Plug - Large
Code: 5924_Gold

Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Code: 5858

Fox Tail With Steel Butt Plug
Code: 5815

Anal Plug With Blondie Tail
Code: 5797

Anal Plug With Rubber Tail
Code: 5796

Fox Tail Butt Plug
Code: 5792

Fox Tail With Metal Anal Plug
Code: 5896

Rainbow Tail With Silicone Plug
Code: 5921

Red Tail With Silicone Plug
Code: 5911

Anal Plug With Rabbit Tail
Code: 5895

Albert Wand
Code: 5513

Big Biker's Plug
Code: 5514

Prince's Day And Night Wand
Code: 5515

Glans Ring Penis Wand
Code: 5859

Glans Ring Long Penis Wand
Code: 5860

Plastic Tube Penis Plug
Code: 5861

Chrome Finish Heart Shaped Lock
Code: 5502

Chrome Finished Square Shaped Lock
Code: 5503

Heart Shaped Lock With Rhinestones
Code: 5511

Square Lock With Rhinestones
Code: 5512

Chain Connector
Code: 5893

12 Inch Chain Connector
Code: 3055

24 Inch Chain Connector
Code: 3056

40 Inch Chain Connector
Code: 3057

Police Hand Cuffs
Code: 3146

Safety Spring Snap
Code: 3117

Panic Snap
Code: 3118

Double Ended Connectors
Code: 311Connectors

Metal O Rings
Code: 311Rings

Smooth And Shiny Metal Rings
Code: 3392

Metal Cock Cage
Code: 8001

Two Row Cone Studded Wristband
Code: 3402IR

Tie Ring Plate
Code: 5847

Tweezer Nipple Clamps
Code: 20001

Hood With Open Mouth And Eyes
Code: 4005

Hood With Large Mouth Opening
Code: 4006

Compression Hood With Open Mouth
Code: 4007

Red Or Black Open Mouth Hood
Code: 4008

Black Spandex Hood
Code: 4009Black

Red Spandex Hood
Code: 4009Red

Black Leather Crop
Code: 7119

Suede Cat O Nine
Code: 7120

Leather Cat O Nine
Code: 7121

Black Leather Bull Whip
Code: 7122

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