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Restraints - Ankle - Wrist - Cuffs
We also manufacture one of the sturdiest and unique ankle and wrist restraints. Most of the restraints featured below come in pairs. The codes provided in the description represent either an ankle or a wrist style. lease specify the specific code when you order these bondage restraints.

Also featured in this section are wrist to neck restraints, thigh to wrist restraints and bondage belts. Do take a moment to visit the hardware section for metal connectors, chains and leather hog ties. We have hog ties that match the color of every one of the cuffs featured in this section. If you have any questions regarding our products, give us a call at 415.864.7557. 


Under Bed Bondage Straps
Code: 9004

Under Bed Straps With Cuffs
Code: 9003

Extreme Class Thigh Straps
Code: 5974

Chest Harness With Thigh Straps
Code: 8133

Neck And Wrist Bondage Restraint
Code: 9016

PVC Armbinders
Code: 9024

Genuine Leather Thigh Straps - Pair
Code: 5573

Bondage Belt/Cuff
Code: 3737

Bondage Belt With Collar
Code: 3701

Bondage Belt
Code: 3450

Thigh/Wrist Restraint With Hog Tie
Code: 3434

Wrist To Thigh Cuffs Pair
Code: 3304

Neck To Wrist Restraint
Code: 3303

Wrist Or Ankle Cuffs
Code: 3195

30 Ft Hemp Rope
Code: 9070

BDSM Travel Kit
Code: 9086

Red Metallic Cuffs
Code: 8202

Velvet Ankle Cuffs - Vegan
Code: 5594A

Deluxe Padded Suspension Cuffs
Code: 3841

Nose Hook Collar
Code: 8224

Foot Suspension Cuffs
Code: 3334

Leather Lined Wrist Cuffs
Code: 5528

Police Hand Cuffs
Code: 3146

Fleece Lined Leather Ankle Cuffs
Code: 5540A

Fleece Lined Leather Wrist Cuffs
Code: 5539W

Leather Padded Wrist Cuffs
Code: 3768W

Leather Ring Collar - Wide
Code: 3845

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