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The Kookie Metal Kollection

From our exclusive “Kookie Kollections”, for our hardcore and extreme bondage players we present The Kookie Metal Kollection. For fashion or for play, this collection stands out in stainless steel. Show off your best dress in a kinky party, convention, or in the privacy of your home bedroom [or dungeon!]

To order from this collection, sign up or log in. Message or contact 1-800-2KOOKIE for more information. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates here.

Check Out More From Our Kookie Kollections

Stainless Steel Inhaler Leather String
Code: 8300

Magnetic Heavy Weight Ball Stretcher
Code: 8315

Stainless Steel Inhaler Chain
Code: 8301

Metal Cock Ring
Code: 8313

Jewels For Jewel Cock Ring
Code: 8298

Rainbow Metal Cock Ring
Code: 8314

Nut For Nut Cock Ring
Code: 8297

Flagging Donut Cock Ring
Code: 8299

Gear Cock Ring
Code: 8271

Stainless Steel Submissive Collar
Code: 8294

Magnetic Stainless Steel Glans Cock Ring
Code: 8279

Slave Metal Orbit Gag
Code: 9130

Metal Tongue Suppressor
Code: 8278

Metal Finger Claws Set
Code: 9128

Metal Cock Ring
Code: 8236

Metal Skull Slapper
Code: 9083

Metal Kitty Slapper
Code: 9084

Metal Smiley Slapper
Code: 9082

Metal Star Crop
Code: 9077

Chrome Metal Nipple Clamps
Code: 20007

Metal O Rings
Code: 311Rings

Smooth And Shiny Metal Rings
Code: 3392

Chain Metal Shackles
Code: 5897

Metal Cock Cage
Code: 8001

Solid Metal Ball Stretcher
Code: 8156

Magnetic Donut Cock Ring
Code: 8139

Ball Stretcher And Cock Ring Combo
Code: 8138

Cock Ring with Ball
Code: 8188

Cock Cage
Code: 9098

Stainless Steel Spreader Bar
Code: 8003

Steel Handcuffs
Code: 5773

Steel Cock Cage
Code: 5771

Steel Catnail
Code: 5770

Steel Wire Collar
Code: 5501

Steel Pleasure Rod
Code: 3908

Steel Dildo With Balls
Code: 3905

Stailess Steel Slapper
Code: 9079

Stainless Steel Mace
Code: 9078

Stainless Steel Clamp Bars
Code: 8207

Stainless Steel Six Ball Anal Bead
Code: 8263

Single Ended Hegar Dilator - 10 Piece
Code: 8304

Single Ended Hegar Dilator - 6 Piece
Code: 8303

Single Ended Hegar Dilator - 16 Piece
Code: 8305

Hegar Dilator Set - Double Ended
Code: 3423

Dilator Pouch
Code: 3650S

Single Dilator Piece
Code: 3749

Pratt Double Ended Dilator
Code: 5629

Rose Bud Dilator Set
Code: 3780

Metal Plate Collar
Code: 3284

Flat Donut Cock Ring
Code: 5864

Donut Cock Ring
Code: 5863

Ball Crusher/Stretcher With Spikes
Code: 8140

Rope master hook
Code: 8214

Metal Ramrod Dildo With Handle
Code: 5874

Metal Loop Collar
Code: 8215

Mini Steel Plug
Code: 8384

Police Hand Cuffs
Code: 3146

Suspension Chains
Code: 8404

Adjustable Spreader Bar
Code: 8157

Two In One Spreader Bar
Code: 9026

Chrome or Rose Gold Heart Shaped Lock
Code: 5502

Chrome Finished Square Shaped Lock
Code: 5503

Heart Shaped Lock With Rhinestones
Code: 5511

Brass Lock
Code: 3682

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