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Blindfolds & Masks | Bondage Blindfolds and Fetish Masks
Blindfolds are a must in bondage plays for a bit of surprise and kinky action. Our collection of bondage blindfolds is made from genuine leather. These blindfolds are designed to block total vision and stay in place. While some blindfolds have leather straps and a buckle to hold it in place, there are others that use elastic straps to hold them in place. The blindfolds with fleece lining inside not only offer a fur like touch, they also ensure a total vision block. Our collection of fetish leather masks for fetish parties and kinky plays is also amazing. The masks featured in this section are made to impress and compliment any outfit. All our leather blindfolds and fetish masks are only available in one size that fits most.

Blindfold Mask
Code: 5855

Tie Back Cat Mask
Code: 5845

Leather Figure 8 Blindfold
Code: 5531

Leather Figure 8 Blindfold
Code: 5530

Unique Blindfold - Neoprene Lined
Code: 5455

Blindfold - Neoprene Padded
Code: 5454

Padded Unique Blindfold
Code: 5446

Reversible Leather Blindfold
Code: 5422

Leather Blindfold - Fleece Lined
Code: 5421

Cat Mask Style Blindfold
Code: 5415

Wide Mask
Code: 3999

Brocade Blindfold
Code: 3993

Leather Blindfold
Code: 3989

Leather Mask - Adjustable Strap
Code: 3952

Leather Mask - Stitched Edges
Code: 3951

Leather or Patent Leather Mask Blindfold
Code: 3911

Head Harness Blindfolds
Code: 3889

Head Harness Cat Mask
Code: 3888

Genuine Leather Frilly Mask
Code: 3887

Locking Buckle Goggle Blindfold
Code: 3849

Velvet Lined Bondage Blindfolds
Code: 3837

Fleece Lined Blindfolds
Code: 3823

Garment Blindfold
Code: 3802

Mask Blindfolds
Code: 3799

Blindfolds With Leopard Fleece Lining
Code: 3798

Blindfold With Removable Eyes
Code: 3792

White Leather Blindfold - Lined
Code: 3783

Red Cross Blindfolds
Code: 3760

Piping Goggle Blindfold
Code: 3746

Elastic Strap Blindfold
Code: 3745

Bandit Mask - Elastic Strap
Code: 3744

Piping Buckle Strap Blindfold
Code: 3743

Cat Mask - Elastic Strap
Code: 3742

Weaved Leather Fetish Mask
Code: 3741

Blindfold With Piping And Lining
Code: 3728

Buckle Strap White Blindfold
Code: 3713

White Elastic Strap Blindfold
Code: 3712

Elastic Strap Perforated Blindfold
Code: 3711

Perforated Leather Blindfold
Code: 3710

Leather Mask With Piping
Code: 3702

Black Leather Blindfolds - Lined
Code: 3695

Elastic Strap Blindfold
Code: 3694

Classic Fleece Lined Blindfolds
Code: 3664

Bat Mask - Elastic Strap
Code: 3485

Figure 8 Blindfolds
Code: 3443

Classic Bandit Mask
Code: 3323

Classic Cat Mask
Code: 3322

Blindfold And Gag Combo
Code: 3301

Hood With Removable Blindfolds And Gag
Code: 3299

Lined And Padded blindfolds
Code: 3290

Large Bondage Blindfolds
Code: 3289

Red Or Black Unique Blindfold
Code: 3221

Padded Bondage Blindfold
Code: 3220

Red Or Black Padded Blindfold
Code: 3186

Eye Patch In Black Leather
Code: 3144

Classic Fleece Lined Blindfolds
Code: 3047

Classic Lennon Blindfolds
Code: 3046

Cat Mask - Fleece Lined
Code: 3006

Aviator Blindfold With Lining
Code: 5936

Aviator Blindfold
Code: 5959

Red Cross Blindfold
Code: 5958

Z Series Elastic Blindfold
Code: 5987

Z Series Buckle Blindfold
Code: 5986

Reversible Brocade Blindfold
Code: 8124

Reversible Velvet Blindfold
Code: 8125

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