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Bondage Collars in Genuine Leather
Genuine leather bondage collars in vibrant colors and designs. The collars featured in this section are made from great quality leather, hardware and fleece. Keeping the integrity of a bondage collar, all these collars have a solid metal ring on them. The ring is either a traditional O ring or a D ring. These bondage collars are available in many vibrant leather and fleece lining colors. These colors include red, black, pink, leopard, purple, blue, silver, red patent, shiny black patent, gold, green, pink, blue, yellow and so on. Most of the wide bondage collars are available in one size while others are available in different sizes.

Bondage Collars Spike Collars Stud Collars Plain Collars Posture Collars ID Collars Rhinestone Collars

Leather Ring Collar
Code: 3001

Three Ring Collar
Code: 3004

Fleece Lined Single Ring Collar
Code: 3027

Velvet Collar With O Ring
Code: 3059

O And 2 D Rings Collar
Code: 3089

3 D Rings Collar
Code: 3125

Red Or Blue O Ring Collar
Code: 3148

Leather Loop Collar
Code: 3158

Fleece Lined Collar With O Ring
Code: 3200

Medium Spike And Ring Collar
Code: 3241

Pyramid Studded Ring Collar
Code: 3252

Pyramid/Round Studded Ring Collar
Code: 3253

Oblong Studded Ring Collar
Code: 3259

Long Pyramid Studded Ring Collar
Code: 3262

Leather Collar With O And D Rings
Code: 3644

Perforated Leather Collar With Rings
Code: 3707

O Ring Collar With Piping
Code: 3731

Leather Lace Weaved Collar
Code: 3738

Nurse Cross Collar With Ring
Code: 3759

Basic Ring Collar
Code: 3257

Leather Padded Collar
Code: 3762

Camouflage Collar With Ring
Code: 3801

Wide Combination Collar With Ring
Code: 3815

Combination Collar With O Ring
Code: 3825

Collar With Hexagon Spikes
Code: 3258

Round Studded Collar With Spikes
Code: 3255

Hasp Lock Collar With Ring
Code: 3176

Wide Collar With Large D Rings
Code: 3090

Garment Leather Slave Collar
Code: 3497

Metal Plate Collar With Ring
Code: 3286

Combination Leather Collar With Ring
Code: 3414

Solid Pyramid Studded Collar
Code: 3342

Hasp Locking Collar With D Ring
Code: 3189

Two Row Eyelet Collar
Code: 3190

Leather Collar With D Rings
Code: 3202

Small D Rings Collar
Code: 3211

Bondage Collar With O Ring
Code: 3020

Large Round Studs Ring Collar
Code: 3028

Hasp Locking Unique Collar
Code: 3188

Ring And Spikes Collar
Code: 3022

Leather Lined D Rings Collar
Code: 3854

1 Inch Wide Black Collar With Ring
Code: 3895

Horizontal Ring Collar
Code: 3838

2 D-Rings And A Halter Ring Collar
Code: 3890

Halter Ring Leather Collar
Code: 3878

Collar With Black Hardware
Code: 3942

Collar With Black Rings And Studs
Code: 3941

Collar With Spot Studs
Code: 3935

Leather Halter Ring Collar
Code: 3949

Natural And Red Leather Collar
Code: 3955

Brocade Ring Collar
Code: 3990

Leather Halter Ring Collar
Code: 3982

Leather/Chain Slave Collar
Code: 3981

Heart Slave Collar
Code: 3980

Leather O Ring Collar
Code: 3203

Collar With Fleece Piping
Code: 3789

Leather Ring Collar - Wide
Code: 3845

Fleece Lined Black BDSM Collar
Code: 5437

Steel Wire Collar
Code: 5501

Bondage Collar With Ring Holders
Code: 5460

Collar With Pyramid/Round Studs
Code: 5438

Leather Collar
Code: 3994

Blk Webbing Garment Collar
Code: 3974

Leather Collar With Pyramid Studs
Code: 3959

Leather or Patent Leather Ring And Ring Collar
Code: 3037

Leather Fleece Lined Collar
Code: 3756

Pink And Black Leather Bondage Collar
Code: 3644Pnk

Leather Collar - Neoprene Lined
Code: 5463

Leather Halter Ring Collar
Code: 5464

Leather Collar With Post And D Ring
Code: 5466

Collar With Heart Shaped Lock
Code: 5519

Collar With Square Shaped Lock
Code: 5520

Leather Collar With Halter Ring
Code: 5524

Collar With Neoprene Lining
Code: 5458

Collar With Black Hardware
Code: 5547

Collar With Black Hardware
Code: 5546

White/Black Leather Bondage Collar
Code: 3644White

Collar With Rings And Rivets
Code: 3934

Leather Small D Ring Collar
Code: 5574

Collar w/ Heart Shaped Rhinestone Lock
Code: 5521

Collar With Post D Ring And Sambrown Studs
Code: 5612

Collar With Post Ring And Sambrown Studs
Code: 5613

Spikes And Hooks Collar
Code: 5607

Collar With Black Pyramid Studs
Code: 3937BlkPyr

Collar With Chrome Pyramid Studs
Code: 3937Chrome

Black And Shiny Studded Collar
Code: 5621

Locking Buckle Collar
Code: 5705

Garment Leather Collar
Code: 5697

Numbered Slave Collar
Code: 5677

Webbing Collar
Code: 5716

Velvet Collar With Velvet Lining and Ring
Code: 5617

Leather And Chain Collar
Code: 5616

Lined Collar With O Ring
Code: 5690

Slave Chain With Square Lock
Code: 5712

Furry Ring Collar
Code: 5740

Collar With Post Ring And Laces
Code: 5744

Leather Loop Collar
Code: 5748

Kitty Collar With D Ring
Code: 5759

Goth Collar
Code: 5793

Combination Collar With Halter Ring
Code: 5643

Kitty Collar
Code: 5634

Ring Collar With Rhinestone Lock
Code: 5522

Garment Leather Collar - Fleece Lined
Code: 5825

Collar With Fleece Lining And Ring
Code: 5713

Leather Collar/Armband With Grommets And Lock
Code: 5777

Leather Collar/Armband With Post D Ring
Code: 5779

Ring And Pyramid Collar
Code: 5812

Duct Tape Collar
Code: 5839

Collar With Roller Buckle
Code: 5849

Leather And Webbing Collar
Code: 5870

Leather Wrapped Chain Collar
Code: 5906

Leather Collar With Locking Buckle
Code: 5857

Leather And Chain Collar
Code: 5930

D Ring Slave Collar
Code: 5903

.75 Inch Wide Loop Collar
Code: 5928

Tie Plate Collar
Code: 5934

Perforated Leather Collar
Code: 5929

Red Cross Collar
Code: 5952

Halter Ring Collar With Snaps
Code: 5995

Mask With Leather Stripe
Code: 5991

Wide Locking Buckle Collar
Code: 5835

Z Series Pull Collar
Code: 8112

Liberty Bell Collar
Code: 5999

O Ring Velvet Collar
Code: 3203Velvet

Brocade Collar With Black Hardware
Code: 8130

Brocade And Leather Collar
Code: 8126

Garment Leather O Ring Collar
Code: 8134
Brocade And Neoprene Vegan Collar
Code: 8144

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