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Spike Wristbands | Leather Wristbands With Metal Spikes
The wristbands featured in this section are made from genuine leather or velvet and great quality hardware. The metal spikes are made from solid metal and are embodied with the leather or velvet. Many different colors of wristbands with spikes are available. Please check your country laws regarding importing any of our products with spikes.

Ring Wristbands Spike Wristbands Studded Wristbands Plain Wristbands ID Wristbands Wrist Wallets

Shiny Claw Spiked Wristband
Code: 3733

Small Spike Leather Wristband
Code: 3072

Small Spike Velvet Wristband
Code: 3051Velvet

Claw Spike Wristband
Code: 3141

Small Cone Spike Wristband
Code: 3094

Small Cone Spiked Velvet Wristband
Code: 3093Velvet

Wristband With Medium Spikes
Code: 3245

Wrist Band With Hexagon Spikes
Code: 3248

Small Spiked And Studed Wristband
Code: 3243

Two Row Medium Spiked Wristband
Code: 3251

Spike And Round Stud Wristband
Code: 3099

Wide Spiked And Studded Wristband
Code: 3249

Wristband With Large Spikes
Code: 3073

Wristband With Cone Shaped Spikes
Code: 3161

Three Row Large Spikes Wristband
Code: 3098

Riveted And Spiked Wristband
Code: 3135

Three Row Small Spikes Wristband
Code: 3060

Hasp And Spikes Wristband
Code: 3183

Small And Large Spiked Wristband
Code: 3061

Wristband With Eyelets/Spikes
Code: 3417

Wristband With Pyramid Spikes
Code: 3346

Wristband With Tiny Spikes
Code: 3344

Tiny And Medium Spike Wristband
Code: 3343

Metal Plate Wristband With Spikes
Code: 3287

Hooks And Spikes Wristband
Code: 5608

Handle Loop And Spike Wristband
Code: 5606

Wristband With Skull Studs/Spikes
Code: 3553

Grommet And Large Spiked Wristband
Code: 5655

Two Strap Wristband With Spikes
Code: 5754

Small Spike Wristband With Stripes
Code: 5747

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