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Leather tops are not bound to be worn with leather skirts, pants or shorts, they go well with even denim jeans or shorts. Our leather tops for women are made from genuine leather and are available in many vibrant colors. These leather tops are available in different sizes and styles. There are also some leather bras featured in this section. These leather bras come in bust sizes. Many of these leather tops are made to  compliment our selection of leather pants and specifically, skirts. If you cannot find a leather skirt to match one of our leather tops, please ask one of our sales associates to help you find one. There are many leather tops and bras featured in this section that have laces either in the front or the back. This wider selection with laces is made available so that there is a greater flexibility available to end users to attain a perfect fit.

Bolero Corset
Code: 6711

Zip Up Lycra Dress
Code: 6725

Oppressor Dress
Code: 6715

Scooped Neck Top
Code: 6716

Halter Top
Code: 6717

Short Sleeve Lycra Dress
Code: 6719

Flirty Dress
Code: 6720

Dominatrix Dress
Code: 6721

Exposure Top
Code: 6722

Lycra Kitten Catsuit
Code: 6723

Flirty Flared Dress
Code: 6724

Lycra And Mesh Dress
Code: 6726

Victorian Corset
Code: 6510

Brocade Reversible Corset
Code: 6317

Black/Purple Reversible Waist Cincher
Code: 6316

Black Fabric Halter Corset
Code: 6315

Ivory/Blk Pinstripe Jacquard Corset
Code: 6314

Lambskin Waist Cincher
Code: 6313

Lambskin Buckle Cincher
Code: 6312

Lambskin Zip Up Corset
Code: 6311

Red Brocade Corset
Code: 6306Red

Brocade Corset With Unique Hardware
Code: 6306

Red Taffeta Corset With Black Net Overlay
Code: 6305Red

Black PVC 2 Zipper Corset
Code: 6303Blk

Jacquard Corset
Code: 6302

Suspender Harness
Code: 5955

Collar Harness With Tweezers Clamps
Code: 5804

Hand Bra Top
Code: 5803

Nursing Bra Top
Code: 5637

Black Leather And Brocade Top
Code: 4624-27_63

PVC Warrior Halter Top
Code: 4608-28

Black And Red Leather Halter Top
Code: 4592-49_35

Leather And Brocade Halter Top
Code: 4592

Black Leather And Fabric Corset
Code: 4591-27_44

Black or Red PVC Chain Top With Garters
Code: 4581-28

Red/Black PVC Daring Corset
Code: 4576-65_28

White/Black PVC Daring Corset
Code: 4576-30_28

Black/White PVC Daring Corset
Code: 4576-28_30

PVC And Lace Corset
Code: 4562-65

Black And Red PVC Waist Cincher
Code: 4553-28_65

Pink And Black Leather Daring Corset
Code: 4550-57_35

White And Black Leather Daring Corset
Code: 4550-51_35

Red And Black Leather Daring Corset
Code: 4550-49_35

Black And Red Leather Daring Corset
Code: 4550-35_49

Black And Red PVC Corset
Code: 4548-28_65

Red Leather Daring Top
Code: 4537-27Red

Black Leather Daring Top
Code: 4537-27

PVC Camisole Top
Code: 4533

Black/Red PVC Top With Garter
Code: 4532-28

Nurse Cross PVC Top
Code: 4520-28_65

Garment Top With D Rings
Code: 4516-61

Plaid Fabric Zipper And D Rings Top
Code: 4516-44_61

Red Cross Nurse PVC Bra
Code: 4512-30

Nurse Cross Top In White PVC
Code: 4509-30

Black Nurse Cross PVC Top
Code: 4509-28

Leather Halter Top With Laces
Code: 4498-35

Teddy With Front Lace And Garter
Code: 4492-28

Leather G String With Shiny Chains
Code: 4469-35

Leather Bra With Chains
Code: 4455-35

Stretch Top In Red And Black
Code: 4445-28_65

Red And Black Vinyl Corset
Code: 4436-28_65

Black PVC And Lace Waist Cincher
Code: 4426-28

Poly Vinyl Stretch Vest
Code: 4424-28

Unique Front Lace Top
Code: 4402-35

Black Leather Lace Front Top
Code: 4300-35

Unique Cut Halter Top
Code: 4299-49

Black Leather Unique Cut Top
Code: 4299-35

Black Stretch Halter Top
Code: 4299-28

Front Zipper Halter Top
Code: 4294-35

Front Buckle Halter Top
Code: 4293-35

Zip Front Top With Side Laces
Code: 4291-35

Bra With Snap Strap
Code: 4287-35

Black And Red PVC Bra
Code: 4286-28_65

Leather Bra
Code: 4286

Soft Leather Lace Front Top
Code: 4283-35

Black Leather Zipper Top
Code: 4281-35

Zip Front Cross Back Top
Code: 4280-35

Lace Front Cross Back Top
Code: 4269-35

Black And Pink Leather Halter Top
Code: 4260-35_57

Black And White Leather Halter Top
Code: 4260-35_51

Black And Red Leather Halter Top
Code: 4260-35_49

Lace Front Black Leather Halter Top
Code: 4260-35

Front Zipper Bra
Code: 4239-35

Bra With Front Laces
Code: 4235-35

Fashion Corset
Code: 6503

Leather Bra Top
Code: 6113

Leather Harness Bra Top
Code: 6114

Long Sleeve Lycra Dress
Code: 6718

Cathy Leatherette Dress
Code: 6727

Leatherette Dress
Code: 6728

Lace And Zip Front Dress
Code: 6729

Shiny PVC Zip Front Dress
Code: 6730

Gladiator Dress
Code: 6731

Mesh Dress
Code: 6741

Spanking Dress
Code: 6742

Exposed Breast Top
Code: 6743

PVC Corset
Code: 6744

Mesh And Lycra Dress
Code: 6745

Bolero Neck corset
Code: 6704

Black Leather Buckle Cincher
Code: 6702

Vintage Corset
Code: 6520

Hour Glass Corset
Code: 6517

PVC Cage Top
Code: 6516

Satin Waist Cincher
Code: 6513

Satin Corset
Code: 6512

Satin Bow Tie Corset
Code: 6509

Gold Underwire Bra
Code: 4286-94

PVC Bolero Neck Corset
Code: 6765

PVC Top With Collar
Code: 6783

PVC Dominatrix Dress
Code: 6766

Waist Cincher In PVC
Code: 6792

Exposure Top
Code: 6798

PVC Zip Up Dress
Code: 6774

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